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Research participant Pat Bennett with NPTL team


  • Soboroff J. (16 Dec 2023) Brain implant uses AI to give speech-disabled patients a voice. The Today Show video.
  • Savidge A. (25 Aug 2023) Stanford research could help speech impaired. KTVU news video
  • Mullin E. (24 Aug 2023) Brain Implants That Help Paralyzed People Speak Just Broke New Records. Wired article.
  • White C. (24 Aug 2023) Brain Chip Technology Enables Woman With ALS To Speak 13 Years After Being Diagnosed With Neurodegenerative Disease. The Science Times.
  • Roxby, P. (23 Aug 2023) Brain advance gives voice hope to paralysed. BBC News. 


  • Jabr F (2022) The man who controls computers with his mind. New York Times Magazine. url cover-image
  • Drew L (2022) The brain-reading devices helping paralyzed people to move, talk and touch. Sub-title: implants are becoming more sophisticated and are attracting commercial interest. Nature. News Feature. url


  • Dockrill, P (08 November 2021) Brain Implant Translates Paralyzed Man's Thoughts Into Text With 94% Accuracy. Science Alert. 
  • Lui, L (30 August 2021) Toward 'Superhuman Cognition': The Future of Brain-Computer Interfaces. MedScape.
  • Stetka, B (12 May 2021) New Brain Implant Turns Visualized Letters into Text. Scientific American.
  • Hamilton J (12 May 2021) Man who is paralyzed communicates by imagining handwriting. All Things Considered. National Public Radio (NPR). NPR article. PDF. 
    • Audio (3:25 minutes) mp3 
    • Transcript pdf
  • BBC Radio (27 May 2021)
    • Relevant 7:00 minute segment mp3
    • Relevant 7:00 minute segment runs from 0:22:40 min to 0:29:41 min in the original PodCast. url
  • Tomorrow Transformed, CNN International (2021) mp4
  • Paralyzed man uses his mind to form real-time sentences. CNNurl
  • Brain-computer interface allows paralysed man to write again. BBC Science Focus / PAurl
  • Paralysed man uses 'mindwriting' brain computer to compose sentences. The Guardianurl